This training will teach you how to build a thriving business… even if you’re the one the run from. You may just be cursed. And that’s a good thing.

Sonika Asif · March 27, 2023

There are people who try to be disruptors, when they’re not naturally cut out for it.

And then there are people like me…who REALLY don’t try. We don’t have to.

In fact, we try to be the opposite (to our demise, because that is our Genius and we sometimes want so badly to NOT be that person.)

When you can sense them so uncomfortable just by your mere presence. When they win BIG with you, but have trouble submitting to the transformation fully because their God frequency is so far from the rest of the collective and they end up processing it as Shadow…

… and then you become the monster.

It’s no secret that my work is very. very. triggering.

People run, and come back. They win big, run, and come back.

And for a long time, I thought I was cursed with a sharp tongue, cutting-as-fuck level of integrity, and unshakeable, piercing commitment.

No way could I make it in a business that LITERALLY requires you to be a people person.

But my dark Genius frequency would never fuck me over.

As long as I submitted to it.

The Magic Inside

The three things required to run a Genius business.

How to claim yourself as the prize and charge your worth.

How to finally release the need for approval and validation.

Who is This For?

If you’re people pleasing your way through your business, always thinking about your audience and clients, instead of being VERY committed to yourself FIRST… and you KNOW that’s no longer how you want to do business… this is for you.

Every fear you’ve had about losing yourself, your business, your community if you embrace that dark, disruptive side of you.. I’m about to beat down.


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