Launch Alchemist Challenge

It’s time to make launches easy. Enough looping, enough questioning, enough hustle. Don’t let another launch go buy without creating the MOST sales you possibly can from it. It’s time to stop settling for less.

Naveed & Sonika · February 12, 2023

I have had people struggle to just be real, and be truthful with where they are at. And it creates so much distortion, illness, and negative manifestations.

It’s time to get very real with yourself.

If you know anything about my challenges… they are life-changing. For you, and your business.

Learning how to manifest money from your business is NOT an elective you can choose to take or not. It’s a CORE CLASS that EVERYONE should study because it’s the only way to experience true power and freedom:

When you can say you want something… and then create it.

HOWEVER – it is important that we do this in a clean, pure way.

I don’t complicate my launches. I don’t overthink them.

There are just a few CORE beliefs and codes that I have installed so deeply into my system that everything happens effortlessly.

This isn’t about big launches.

This is about powerful, masterful launches.

The Magic Inside

Precisely the energy required to make instant sales from your launch.

How to completely simplify the process of selling and make sales RIGHT NOW.

How to design your offer in an exacting way so you don’t even need to try to sell it.

How to activate enticement in your audience by casting a spell with your marketing.

How to use the power of alchemy to nail your ideal clients’ core Shadow so they KNOW your offer is for them.

Who is This For?

This challenge is for you if you’ve been having trouble with launches, are constantly overthinking and are so fucking ready to beat this Shadow and become a master at launching your programs.

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