Shadow Alchemy Bundle

Shadow Alchemy makes you unfuckwithable. This means, you ALWAYS have access to your Power. And once you have access to Power, your Genius artistry becomes available.

Sonika Asif · February 14, 2023

The more you become a master at alchemizing your Shadow with precision, not only will your magnetic field of energy be so fucking pure, and vibrant and impactful – you will begin to get access to your very own Genius frequency. This is like your own flavor of magic coming alive, and just adds massive euphoria and amplification to your already super-powerful magnetism.

The Magic Inside

A deep-dive training on Shadow Alchemy.

Real-life Shadow Alchemy Examples

The Prostitute & Lover Archetype audios

The Child & Sovereign Archetype audios

The Victim & Warrior Archetype audios

The Saboteur & Magician Archetype audios

Who is This For?

This is for you if you’re ready to join the VIP league of consciousness, become unshakeable, and take back control over your life and business.

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Sonika Asif

Business Alchemist

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  • 10 Modules