Show Up And Sell

This short but powerful training will call out the professionalism and facade you’ve been hiding behind which is stopping you from showing up BIG.

Naveed Asif · January 24, 2023

Most people don’t realize how much structure and rules they are holding on to. They are constantly getting in their own way of making sales happen naturally and truly being THE center of attracting clients.

This would cause a fuck ton of frustration, lack of joy, feeling like marketing and sales are a “draggy” “hard” process. When in truth, it’s as simple as showing up and making sales.

When you are disconnected from who you truly are, you think you need to be someone your prospect needs you to be in order for them to take you seriously or believe you. And in trying to show up as “someone else” you end up doubting yourself, your words, your presence, everything. And you are left with barely any magnetism in your field of attraction.

Learn how to flip the switch in your energy and show up loud, with confidence, and have fun selling big.

The Magic Inside

Drop the constructs and structures and learn what works best for you.

Find out where you aren’t free in your expression and where you aren’t showing up authentically.

Discover your own creative edge in putting yourself out there boldly, loudly, and become a confident seller.

Who is This For?

This masterclass is for you if you have been struggling with making consistent sales and have been tormented by your own insecurities when it comes to expressing yourself as a marketer. This is for you if you know you aren’t free in your energy and you are constantly trying to be someone you are not, desperately hoping that your audience will see you, trust you, and buy from you. If you are in a never ending cycle of doom, this masterclass will be that spark you need to clean up your energetic field and begin taking action in the right direction.

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Naveed Asif

The Conscious Showman

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