Supernatural Money

This course is going to teach you how to access the highest frequencies of money available to you in a state of power.

Sonika Asif · March 15, 2023

When things get scary with money, that is not your sign to slow down. It is your sign to submit further. Go beyond where most stop. Dare to ask for more in the face of false scarcity.

Become ridiculously available for luxury. This means creating a new kind of money that you have never experienced before. We will discuss the energetics of money and show you what it takes to become a supremely pristine channel for wealth.

The Magic Inside

Understand how to unlock the power of money.

Work with archetypal money nuances.

Create multiple sources of income and master overflow.

Free up your energy around money and become its master.

Who is This For?

This course is for you if you’re ready to truly master the process of Shadow Alchemy specifically in relation to creating money in your business. Each of the Shadow and Power archetypes have specific nuances when it comes to money, and if you’re struggling with earning it, this is for you.

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Sonika Asif

Quantum Business Mentor

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  • 9 Modules