Your Power Realm

Your Power Realm training will unveil the abandonment code and how it's responsible for all forms of disease in your life: health, wealth, love and more. The return to power is the key to healing.

Sonika Asif · April 23, 2023

We must return to Power. OUR power. Our specific REALM of power.

We must not confuse power with skill. With talent. With anything that can be defined.

We have to be willing to face the codes within ourselves that have been orphaned, and ultimately give them agency to become what they were always meant to be: superhuman.

From orphan to feral. This is the turning point of a self-help industry hell-bent on focusing on Shadow – that which will never go away, thus constantly feeding you the illusion that because Shadow merely exists, that means you must be impacted by it. 

The power of presence is about to be revealed to you.

The Magic Inside

Putting an end to the Hero’s Journey

How to return to your power realm

The true work now required to become a master of alchemy.

Who is this for?

This training is for you if you know you’ve abandoned yourself and taken on the desires, vision, wants and needs of others instead of being selfish enough to focus on what truly makes you euphoric.

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