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I have found so many hidden codes within my astrological birth chart that have led me to not only get to know myself better, but to figure out exactly how it is that I earn money, how I better my health, what kind of partner I am in a relationship, and so much more.

I’ve said it for years that when you NAIL the alignment to your very own spiritual blueprint, creation becomes so magical and so easy.

Money suddenly pours in where you struggled to earn it before. And it becomes so simple that you wonder why you made it so difficult for yourself in the past.

And that’s exactly why I’m so excited for this session, as I get to put on my Spiritual Detective hat and go on a hunt with you for your very own unique brand of magic, and the keys to your manifestation treasure chest.

This is a 60-minute private session with me to decode your personal spiritual blueprint.



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There is a key frequency to embody if you want the process of manifestating abundance to work precisely for you.

You want it to work PRECISELY for you….

And you want it to work precisely FOR YOU.

The major flaw in most manifestation teachings is that the tools of visualization, journaling and meditation all strive to place you into the embodiment of the frequency of your desire.

And I’m not saying this doesn’t work.

It works. But it doesn’t work in the way you really want manifestation to work. And it’s time to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself whether what you’ve been doing has truly been working for you or not.

Is there a truth to the fact that you feel your results should have been here by now?
Is there something in your gut telling you you’re missing something?

Do you feel like something is still veiled / cloudy / confusing and you can’t find your way through it?

Yes, sometimes it’s about persisting just a wee bit more.

Most of the time, you ARE missing something. You’re missing data. About you.

That cloud is an unactivated part of your spiritual blueprint within your very own DNA, one you can’t access because it’s not actually active.

It naturally won’t make any sense to your current state of being or identity because it hasn’t been woven into your current frequency. So you’ve probably rejected its magic multiple times over.

I’m going to say the thing I’ve been saying for a million years:

There is an EXTREMELY simple, nourishing, and serene way that you’re supposed to manifest abundance in your life – and this way is VERY unique to you.

And the reason that manifestation practices haven’t been working for you is because they are trying to place you in the frequency of being a Creator, when that’s supposed to be who you already are for these practices to work in the first place!

You cannot use visualization to embody the Creator.
You, as a Creator, must PROPHESIZE your creation through visualization.

In other words, visualization must be deliberate, and it must be used to DESIGN a reality, not WISH for one.

Who you are when you sit down to visualize, journal or meditate is MORE IMPORTANT than even the act of doing those things.

So what we’re really saying then, is that you first need to know what your own creation blueprint looks like.

What’s YOUR creative style? How do YOU create abundance?

These are important questions.

And I have designed a private session for you to figure that out – you know, if you want a magic money Oracle by your side as you go.

This session is one hour, and together we will dive deep into your astrological birth chart, transit chart, and so much more.


Meet Sonika A. | Soul Business Alchemist

Well-known for her ability to make even the most magical spiritual teachings practical and applicable to everyday life, Sonika has spent years working closely with true masters in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction.

With integrity being one of her core principles, she has spent 8 years in an apprenticeship position to gather information, research and practice the basic art of manifestation, ultimately resulting in a multi-million dollar business that has worked with thousands of clients worldwide.

Today she works with powerful spiritual modalities like astrology, human design, alchemy and law of attraction methods to help you unlock your soul business blueprint so you can bring your magic onto this physical plane and manifest abundance in all areas of life.