Cosmic Soul Activation


The Cosmic Soul Activation Series is a set of 11 powerful body activations designed to activate each of the celestial bodies / planets within your own DNA. These activations are received by using the Cosmic Soul music video and the 11 different reports that go along with it. Using an activation a week to start off with will bring alive your Cosmic DNA, and the next 11 weeks will look WILDLY different for you as a result. After this, you can access these activations at anytime based on astrological events as you wish. We have had people create amazing things via this activation.



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Meet Sonika A. | Soul Business Alchemist

Well-known for her ability to make even the most magical spiritual teachings practical and applicable to everyday life, Sonika has spent years working closely with true masters in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction.

With integrity being one of her core principles, she has spent 8 years in an apprenticeship position to gather information, research and practice the basic art of manifestation, ultimately resulting in a multi-million dollar business that has worked with thousands of clients worldwide.

Today she works with powerful spiritual modalities like astrology, human design, alchemy and law of attraction methods to help you unlock your soul business blueprint so you can bring your magic onto this physical plane and manifest abundance in all areas of life.

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